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Tommy Nicholas - CodeCademy's Testimonial Example. One of the most powerful things about business testimonial videos is how they can use identification and emotion to give shape to the perception of the audience. It's the power of storytelling - pure and simple! And CodeCademy does this extremely well. They could speak about how many people they've taught, or the format of their classes instead, they choose to tell the story of how coding empowers people. How their. The best customer testimonial videos feature clients that are as passionate about your product or service as you are. Hearing reviews from real customers imp.. This example from digital automotive marketing tool LotLinx has one of the best quotes we've ever heard from a customer testimonial video— period. When Marketing Director Valerie Muzyka was asked if she would recommend LotLinx to other customers, she said, I really don't want to share my secrets, butabsolutely. In this one sentence, she gives the brand an air of exclusivity and hints that viewers should join the secret club that benefits from LotLinx

This type of testimonial video shows employers that their employees are going to be onboard and that they will ultimately benefit. When creating testimonial videos, you need to think about the things that present the greatest barrier to adoption and address those things directly. 10. Epiphe 20 Brilliant examples of testimonial videos. American Express; Wyzowl; Salesforce; ForeseeHome; HubSpot; CHIP; Felder Group; Hootsuite; magicJack; Zoom; TutorMing; FAAC; ChurnZero; CloudHealth; Hennessey Performance; Codeacademy; HP; Microsoft Office 365; Reed.co.uk; Rethink Robotics; Final thought

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In the VPN industry, for example, you can easily find VPN brands putting out their VPNs for testing by anyone and welcome reviews on it. By creating a testimonial video, you're providing value to your service from an external source which will nurture your leads better So should you. Collecting testimonials should be embedded in your business. For example, Marisa Murgatroyd has a system that gets her a steady flow of testimonials — the ask is embedded right into the completion of her courses. Students provide a testimonial as part of their graduation process. This process has landed her over 700 pages of testimonials that she can use in every area of her marketing

Make a list of all the words that you think best describe your brand's persona. It could be fun or inspiring and so on. Take a good look at these words and try to incorporate them into the theme of your video; Slack's testimonial video is a good example of this. I would describe Slack with words like playful and simplistic. Now take a look at their video to see if you can relate to thi Chippenham & Johnston-Willis Hospitals' patient video testimonials are a great example of the amount of creativity that can go into it. Their example features emotional music, dramatic transitions, extra clips of the subject doing different actions beyond talking to the camera and a separate segment with the physician who worked with the patient Long testimonials are unlikely to be read by visitors. Look at this example of a long, rambling testimonial I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to work with you. It's really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. I never have any problem at all As you will see in the 15 video testimonial examples, some of the best testimonial videos are those that break from the traditional formats. They include: Blind taste tests; Scripted testimonial videos that humorously play on the artificiality of bad ones; Pet testimonials; Group activity testimonials; But the possibilities are endless Here's an example of one of our own customer testimonials. Family Reach, a financial lifeline for families fighting cancer, reached out to us for content that would help explain what they do, and to a broader audience. Their goals were to sympathize with families in need and help remove the stigma that comes with the financial burden of cancer. With these goals in mind, the Brafton team has created various graphic designs, animations and videos for Family Reach

Product Testimonial. This testimonial video tells the story of the impact a product had on the health and wellbeing of the people who used it. Anyone can say a product delivers a result, when you show it the results are so much more powerful We've put together some of the best testimonial advertising examples from radically different companies to help you visualize how your marketing team can take advantage of this powerful way of connecting with prospective customers. We've seen the power of using testimonial videos in advertising firsthand. With our Facebook and Youtube ads, videos like the one below, collected and edited 100% with Vocal Video, perform at roughly 50% better than static images Below that is their featured video testimonial. It clocks in at just over two minutes with some upbeat music and a good example of effective B-Roll footage. You can watch more wonderful examples of quality testimonial videos from companies of all sizes here. 5. Xero's Client Testimonial Videos Below is a compilation of customer testimonial video examples that represent some interesting and creative ways to approach this task: 1. Slack: Make People Laug

Use These 7 Testimonial Examples to Get More Customers. 1. Quote Testimonials. 2. Social Media Testimonials. 3. Consumer Reviews. 4. Influencer Testimonials. 5. Blog Post Reviews . 6. Case Studies. 7. Video Testimonials. 8. Documentary Series. 9. Media Coverage. What Are Customer Testimonials? Customer testimonials are recommendations from satisfied buyers that affirm the value of a product or. Testimonial video examples. Video testimonials come in many flavors. These two examples are both from the software industry but use completely different approaches. John Lewis Testimonial for Oracle. This video testimonial from David Hunn, the director of the John Lewis IT Department, perfectly fits the John Lewis brand. It's a bit old-school, but effective for the target audience. Oracle. Testimonial Video Examples. Building Trust with Testimonial Video Content. Testimonials or end-user case studies are some of the most powerful sales tools a salesperson or marketer can arm themselves with because they illustrate a real-world benefit scenario for all types of prospects. With video, you can take it to the next level by truly allowing your target the ability to see your product. 5. Video testimonials. Video testimonials are one of the most trustworthy forms of testimonial because it's difficult to fake one that looks authentic. Here's an example from Timothy Sykes: He features his top students on his Testimonials page using lengthy videos. When you jump to his page, you'll notice that video testimonials. These reviews, which can take the form of quotes, short videos, and more, are known as testimonials. This article will guide you through what a testimonial is and the best practices for getting testimonials from your customers, complete with 15 inspirational examples. What is a testimonial? A testimonial is a third party statement that comments on how good someone or something is. By.

Getting great customer video testimonials is highly dependent on asking the right questions.This is doubly important if you're using video testimonial software with a remote collection process, because you won't be there to tailor follow-up questions on the fly if customers or clients don't give you the answer you want the first time Testimonial video examples like this show the power and impact video testimonials can offer. How to get video testimonials from customers? Nothing beats a testimonial video of a satisfied client recommending your product or service. However, asking for testimonials is never easy. We've included some helpful tips to use as you learn how to ask for and how to collect video testimonials. You.

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Examples of great customer testimonial videos. When talking about customer testimonial videos, there's no one-size-fits-all. There are many different types of videos that brands can create, depending on their goals and audience. Some of the popular ones include: Storytelling videos. Weave a beautiful and emotionally charged story with strong characters that your audience can instantly relate. A Quick and Easy Video-Maker for High-Impact Testimonial Videos. Plus, Hundreds of Custom Templates to Choose From. Get Started Today

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  1. Video testimonials are a great way of showcasing a successful customer experience whilst highlighting the value of your product or service. These 3 examples show how it can be done for your business
  2. In this example, an individual video testimonial is used to illustrate the about page. This is an effective way to combine visual content with written information. And with the subscribe button displayed clearly beneath the video, it advertises the YouTube channel, helping increase subscribers on YouTube. Follow the instructions here to add a YouTube feed to your website. To add a single video.
  3. This video testimonial example, which you can see directly on their homepage, consists of a picture of smiling clients in their work environment, alongside a quote from them, their company logo and a CTA to play the video. The text is displayed in white font against a dark green background which emphasizes the Shopify brand. The brand logos of other notable businesses that use Shopify's.
  4. A customer testimonial video: Websites with video are 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google, so video testimonials can help you get your social proof in front of more customers (and that means more conversions). An explainer video: People won't buy something if they don'
  5. If you want to climb to the testimonial pinnacle, make a video. Record a video of the whole process, of your client, recommending you, emotions and all. Video captures something that text cannot: the human ability to communicate nonverbally. And that's a powerful prospect. Here are a few examples of good real video testimonials
  6. 5 Examples of Employee Testimonials. Here are 5 examples of awesome employee testimonial pages I found on company career sites: Coty Employee Testimonial Page (Day in the Life/FAQ-based) Nike Employee Testimonial Page (Video-based) Spectrum's Employee Testimonial Page (Video-based) Nationwide's Employee Testimonial Page (Video-based) John Deere Employee Testimonial Page . Why I wrote this.

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11 Creative Testimonial Examples You'll Want to Implement. Social proof is a must these days. If you want visitors to trust you, then you need to give them solid proof of it. There's no better way to do that than by showing them what others have to say. If the rave reviews are starting to roll in about your business and you want a cool way to add them to your site, then check out these. Testimonials Done Right: 20 Inspiring Examples Last Updated on May 2, 2020 If there's one thing that could help you spark up the interest among your target audience, it has got to be the use of testimonials We've updated this blog post to include 8 testimonial templates and examples, how they're used, and how you can get these types of testimonials for your business. What Makes a Great Testimonial? A testimonial is a customer's endorsement of your business. It shows approval and support for the product, service or experience you provide. Some testimonials are short, with just a sentence or.

Website testimonials can be displayed in many different ways, and throughout this article, we'll take a look at 25 real-world examples that will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration. Here you'll find some that use video, photos of customers, quotes from reviews, and more. Some of them are presented in very basic ways and others are more creative or unique in terms of design or. Interview testimonial: This testimonial uses a question-and-answer format on video or in print where you ask your customers about their experience with your company. Influencer testimonial: This testimonial is when celebrities or social media personalities speak for your company. You should be sure that any paid influencer campaigns are clearly labeled; Examples. Here are some examples of.

You can start by placing one or more of these testimonial examples on your website. Each of these formats is highly effective (and the more you can use the better). 1. Quotes. Quote testimonials are the most popular form of testimonials. They're powerful, they're credible, and, most importantly, they're effective. As the name suggests, these are testimonials simply pull a quote directly. B2B Testimonial Video Examples. Sometimes the best way to understand how something works isn't to read about it or hear a lecture, but to see it in action. As a result, we've included seven successful B2B video testimonial examples from businesses like yours. We've also broken down what makes each one great, enabling you to copy the best parts of these testimonials for your own. Let's. Testimonial Advertising Examples: BlueTarp Uses Video Testimonial Ads. Our testimonial advertising examples has finally come to the most influential format. Video gets major buzz in the content and digital marketing space. Why? Probably because of its unique ability to deliver a story in a concise and engaging format that viewers enjoy. Let's take a look at a winning video testimonial. The testimonial page is broken into three sections: the hero banner features the most prominent testimonial with a silent video clip. In the next section, stories are accompanied by editorial portraits of each customer. And finally, in the third section, you can view real websites created by customers, toggling between industries like design, fashion, health and lifestyle, and food and drink

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  1. Creativaties (Video production company) helps to create the best customer testimonial videos, 100% Efficient. Customer testimonial examples for the website
  2. Videos are a powerful tool for businesses because they allow you to offer both multimedia and great copy at the same time. AWeber: Keep it conversationalbut know your prospects. This example testimonial from AWeber—which is excerpted from a longer case study—showcases exactly what AWeber's product does
  3. g face of other customers, your leads will really get to hear why they should try your service or product. Interviews - Interviews with customers are especially helpful because they offer in-depth looks at how your product really helped them. This.

Upload, store, showcase and manage your HD videos. Join our community and get tons of storage, customizable HTML5 player, and professional workflow tools. Testimonial Video Examples. 20 Super effective testimonial video examples. Trust is one of the most important things for your brand, and one of the best ways to generate trust is through testimonial videos. According to research from Podium (an 7 Testimonial video success stories! Here's the thing Every business out there tells potential customers that they can do amazing things for them. The trick is getting. No worries, the testimonial template should give you a straight forward start, and if that's not enough, you can find testimonial video examples the video ideas page. Start creating your own now! Easy-to-use online editor. Used in the right way, a customer testimonial video can work wonders for your business. However, it's very possible that you're unsure of how to make a testimonial. Customer testimonial video examples to get you started . Think of these testimonial video examples as your blank canvas. Our testimonial and review templates are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making videos with Vimeo Create. Simply click on a template to customize its look and feel, add in your own branding, logo, or color schemes, and splice together your customer testimonial.

Here are 5 patient testimonial examples from different healthcare organizations and why they're so great. Table of Contents The Cleveland Clinic's Patient Stories. Dr. David Richardson's Modern Approach. Cherrywood Dental's Personal Touch. New Jersey Plastic Surgery'sSocial Sharing. Hospital Sharjah Doctor Profiles . Conclusion. The Cleveland Clinic's Patient Stories The Cleveland. Another great example of a video testimonial in action comes from Aweber. Like Swipely, Aweber profiles successful businesses using its services and publishes success stories that are really just well-produced testimonials. This particular video shows how Vault Brewing was able to drive grow their business via email marketing with Aweber. 17. Video Testimonial for BombBomb. Examples of how to title your customer testimonial videos Real examples from tech companies who gave their customer videos a series name and template. January 15, 202 Here are descriptions of general examples of testimonial forms to assist you in selecting the best that serves your purpose. Customer Testimonial Form. When customers feel satisfied with a product, they would be willing to share their delight with it. This type of form typically asks about a person's background and how he or she came to purchase the product. The testimonies of this form.

A successful video testimonial starts by asking the right questions. The most important question to address in a testimonial video is not about the product, but about the value that the product delivers to the users. Nobody cares about the features of your product, according to the video experts at Vidyard, What really captures viewers are the benefits you provide to customers and the. But not all customer testimonial videos are made the same. Here are 5 types of questions that can take your customer testimonial video from good to great: Identify the Need In order for potential customers to identify with the testimonial, you should ask questions that lead the customer to explain the original problem or need they had, and how they began their search for a solution

Remote Testimonial Examples. CloudZero Obsidian Testimonial. Robin Elastic Testimonial. Codeless ‍Monday.com Testimonial. GrowthGenius FirePower Testimonial. Get stunning B2B customer videos that build trust faster and sell for you. Request a Consultation → G2.com Customer Reviews. View All G2 Reviews. View on G2.com. Bringing Testimonial Hero on board at my company has been one of the. Testimonial videos: Examples, Benefits and Tips: Next Article . Simply Explainer. Wardah Umer is a content writer and marketer who work Full bio . Wardah Umer is a content writer and marketer who work for Simply Explainer. She is a writer by day and a teacher by night, with a love for baking. She prefers to listen to old school RnB and adores Sam Smith. When not at her job, you will find. Testimonial Disclaimer Examples; Next Steps; 1. What Is a Testimonial Disclaimer? A testimonial disclaimer is a statement that's placed on a website, app, or social media page to tell readers that their experience may not be the same as what's described in a review or endorsement. The document states that a review describes only one person's experience and is not a guarantee, promise, or. Here's an example of a customer testimonial video from Xero: (Image Source) Each video is a few minutes long and describes how business owners used the software to manage their accounting needs. Next, let's take a look at additional examples of how companies are using testimonials to build their credibility. B2B Testimonial Examples . Here are different types of testimonials (with examples.

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  1. Give them the option to submit a text or a video testimonial. Incentive, as mentioned in this email, isn't necessary. Customers have been with your business for some time and are satisfied are least interested in an incentive so you can skip it. Sending an incentive won't persuade your customers to leave a review. If they have to do it, they will do it anyway. This is a formal example of.
  2. Home Portfolios Interview & Product Testimonial Style Video Examples. Creating a compelling scene to sell your product can come in many forms. One of the most common and best ways to help increase consumer confidence in your product is by creating an interview-style product testimonial. With our team, we are able to create a full video around your product and why other people need to buy it.
  3. The 8 Most Common Testimonial Types (With Examples) There are quite a few different types of testimonials. Some are super effective, some take quite a bit of work, and some require a lot from your customer. But the effort is worth it. Later on, I'll provide you with scripts you can send to your clients or customers to get more reviews and testimonials. But first, let's check out the.
  4. This is the best article I have read about how to structure a testimonial. With your examples, I got so inspired to write and publish the story of my business. Also, the way you explain things is very easy to be understood. 3 acts! Let's do this! Thank you for such a great article. Have a great week! Reply. Henneke says. May 30, 2019 at 7:30 pm. Thank you, Leonardo. I'm glad you found it.
  5. Video testimonials are comparatively new but, believe me, properly done, they can be very powerful. Here are four vital things to be aware of when setting up a video testimonial on Zoom, A video testimonial, however great, can be ruined by poor presentation and set up. A few moments spent checking the points below, before you press the record button, will be very well spent. 1. Keep it short.
  6. The value of video is clear. But, the challenge is creating and publishing your own. If you're looking for more ideas or inspiration to help you get started, you're in luck. We've searched the web for shining examples of listing, recruiting and testimonial real estate videos that should get you excited to sit in the director's chair

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Use these tips to create excellent employee testimonial videos and let your happy employees do the talking for you. 10. Give employees notice and incentive for the testimonial. Remember that employees have to take time out of their day to give a testimonial, and this shouldn't be mandatory, but rather incentivized. A forced employee testimonial probably won't seem very authentic. Provide a. The ultimate testimonial will also have the customer's headshot attached to it. Here are six examples, with all made-up names and companies, to give you an idea of what a great customer testimonial statement should look like: Great Customer Testimonials Must Contain The Following Items

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  1. Video Inspiration Video examples from the pros. Content Library Reports, webinars, and videos. Webinars and Events See what we've got going on. Video Selling Master Class; Login ; Talk to Sales; Sign Up for Free; Toggle Navigation. Features. Video Creation Record your screen, webcam, or both. Video Hosting Get your business videos online, fast. Video Analytics Learn more about your audience.
  2. Testimonials from your happy customers can come in a lot of different formats. They might be text quotes, full case studies, or video testimonials. As you build your marketing campaign funnel, you can experiment with different formats and integrate different types of testimonial examples throughout the various touchpoints of your ads
  3. What's new Vimeo Record: video messaging for teams Vimeo Create: quick and easy video-maker Get started for fre
  4. Demo | Code. 4. Testimonial Pure CSS Slider. Inclusion of beautiful ribbon design and a relevant background is one of the trick to obtain amazing slider layout. Just see the example below for the tutorial. It also got source code along with it. Briefly describing the effect, it gets initial sense of importance from the ribbon design followed by user image in a circle and finally their words

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How to Collect Employee Video Testimonials. There are a few different ways that you can streamline collecting employee video testimonials. One way is to collect video content during an event. For example if you have an annual company holiday party, or a monthly employee event, you could collect content from the event to showcase on your social. You should be able to style the output the way you want if you follow the provided shortcode examples. 5. Testimonials Slider ($22) Testimonials Slider is a premium solution that has support for the Gutenberg editor and the EU's GDPR compliance. It comes with six beautiful testimonial templates: Slider, rotator, carousel, cards, list and grid. When you've selected a template, you can then. You can collect testimonials from customers with the assistance of the following sample letters. In your letter, request that customers provide a written or recorded testimonial of your product or service and how it's helped them. The testimonials can then be posted on your website For additional examples of our remote video testimonials visit our YouTube channel. Remote Video Production Examples During the pandemic, a dermatology practice wanted to inform patients about their tele-health services These video testimonial examples were produced by Epic Productions for Banner Health. They understand that people look for information so that they can make the best choice when it comes to their care. These videos detail the experiences of some of Banner Health's patients. Viewers get to hear directly from people that were once in their same position. This creates an emotional connection in addition to providing important information. This type of video testimonial is highly valued by.

For example, in this tutorial, we'll embed Airbnb's video testimonial playlist so copy the playlist ID below: Next, paste it to the playlist ID field in your settings. Remember to click the Save Changes button after Video Inspiration Video examples from the pros. Content Library Reports, webinars, and videos. Webinars and Events See what we've got going on

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  1. When I have to shoot interview testimonial videos, I will typically email the questions to the interviewee before the day of the shoot. That way the interviewee can get somewhat prepared before they arrive on set. In this interview-style testimonial, Kate King is simply answering a series of questions that the interviewer is asking her. You'll notice how the answers are not quite as polished as the Apple commercial, but there is an extra level of authenticity
  2. Testimonial examples give you a chance to share happy customers' best experiences. They can speak to the customer service they interacted with or the overall experience working with your brand. This can help make potential customers feel more confident in their decision to use your brand. 3. Testimonial Examples Show Authenticit
  3. Testimonial Propaganda: Examples. We can find several famous instances of testimonial propaganda in television commercials as well as in various ads that are showcased through print and online media. Given below are 8 examples of the same. Example 1: PepsiC
  4. People respond better to testimonials with faces. Here's an example: People are far more likely to look at pictures of other people. Therefore having a face attached to your testimonial is far more effective in getting people to read your testimonial: Testimonial with a picture: Heatmap of where people first look at this testimonial
  5. Video Release Form. I, ___________________ hereby grant and authorize _____________________ the right to take, edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, distribute and make use of any and all video taken of me to be used in and/or for any lawful purpose. This authorization extends to all languages, media, formats and markets now known or later.

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Here, we have gathered 8 great examples of employer videos that your company can take inspiration from or pattern itself after. #1: The Shoe Company - Use Employee Testimonials. In this video by The Shoe Company, actual employees give first-hand testimonials as to how it is like to work for the company. Its simple and persuasive, Employees talk about the career opportunities and working environments that the company provides for them. This establishes a sense of personal connection and. Testimonial videos are one of the most effective types of business video. Why? Because people trust unbiased third parties more than they trust marketers and business owners. The testimonial videos shown here include patient testimonials for Team Georgia Neurosurgery, and customer testimonials for Gozio Health and Atlanta Pet Hospice Here's a great example of an introduction video that incorporates client testimonials from Realtor Christina McDonald: Try to Shoot All Your Testimonials in the Same Place While you might think shooting videos in different locations would make your testimonials more believable, it makes your finished video feel haphazard and unfinished The key to video testimonial success is to ask the right questions, those that will unlock the detail that will convince the viewer to take action. The 7 Key Questions To Ask Your Video Testimonial Interviewee. Once your chosen customer is relaxed and has been prepped on the questions you are going to ask, it's time for the cameras roll, time to capture their enthusiasm for how your business.

I understand my testimonial as outlined above or in the video recorded of me (the Testimonial) and made on behalf of [Business Name] (hereinafter called The Business) may be used in connection with publicizing and promoting The Business. I authorize The Business to use my name, brief biographical information, and the Testimonial as defined on this form or by me in this video Many use voice-overs and even more use testimonials from employees and CEOs. But what makes a kick@$$ company culture video? Is there some secret formula to writing, producing, and promoting your company culture video? The perfect company culture video will vary, depending on many things. Things like the industry, company values, industry values, and budget. Pouring boatloads of cash into a. A video testimonial that can work for candidates and clients. Our client Hand and Stone hit the head on the nail with their employee testimonial. This professionally done video shows candidates what it's like working for the company. It also shows what clients will experience when going to Hand and Stone Testimonials are perfect for video marketing. Is video marketing effective? Not only is it effective, it's becoming essential. google describe video content as 'indespensible. 85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices (Statista, 2018). 25-34 year olds watched the most online videos. This is increasing daily. In Saudi Arabia and Turkey Video. Collect video testimonials now. Embed them in your site. Upload them to Youtube. Google is indexing video separately from text so you benefit twice from testimonials. Video testimonials will also give you another opportunity for a valuable SERP. In many independent studies, video has been proven to be a more effective medium for convincing visitors to become customers. Why? Because they show authenticity, which is what potential customers are looking from your customer feedback

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We have several options depending on what is required, such as the number of individual interviewees, the number of cameras needed, and video length. This allows us to serve both small businesses and agencies, as well as large corporations. Testimonial videos typically cost between $4,000-$10,000 Four great examples of easy-to-make video testimonials. Video & Podcasts; 4 minute read. The UK Domain 27th February 2018. Share: We all know how important word-of-mouth recommendations are when it comes to growing your customer base. It's why testimonials are so powerful for small businesses. With the massive growth in the popularity of video marketing, and 51.9% of marketers agreeing it.

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Testimonials are displayed in a carousel with beautiful slide-in and fade effects. 7. Strong Testimonials. Strong Testimonials is one of the most customizable WordPress testimonial plugins. It comes with multiple display options. These include a testimonial slider, grid layout, masonry layout, single column layout, and more To write a testimonial, open by describing the problem you faced, as well as a little relevant information about yourself. For instance, if you're writing a testimonial about dog shampoo, you might mention that your dog had really matted fur and you couldn't find any product that worked to detangle it. You could include some of the specific products or techniques you tried, as well. Then, explain how the product or service solved your problem. Be specific about the results you. Wenn du mit dem Ergebnis zufrieden bist, frage nach einem Video. Gute Videos wirken deutlich persönlicher und dadurch meist besser als Texte. Aber Achtung: Mimik und Stimme verraten schlechte Schauspieler. Ein gutes Testimonial bezieht sich auf einen spezifischen Punkt und ist kurz. Hier empfiehlt sich eine maximale Länge von 2-3 Sätzen. Ein schlechtes Testimonial dagegen ist zu umfangreich. Get a video testimonial, if possible. Video testimonials are usually more powerful than written testimonials. Most people won't do video testimonials, but some are fine with it. You won't know unless you ask. A video testimonial can be a simple 15-30 second video selfie. Don't pester your clients. Once you send out the testimonial request (either by email or postal mail) your job is done. Either they will or they won't write you a testimonial. You can follow up with them. Real estate testimonial example videos: [Video Source: Greg Guinto] Investing in a high-production video allows Realtor Greg Guinto to showcase the home and the couple that bought it in a variety of ways. The video tours the viewer through the client's house, moving in and out of the rooms and zooming in on specific details. Below, Realtor Finneus Egan provides a testimonial and personal.

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